Anne-Laure Ruffin

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opening 24th 6-10pm
24 – 25 september 2016
Da Costakade 150, Amsterdam


Andenken / Battalion
11 – 20 september 2015
Westerpark, Pazzanistraat 17, Amsterdam

Graduation Show
Gerrit Rietveld Academie
1 – 5 july 2015
Fred. Roeskestraat 96, Amsterdam

Anne-Laure Ruffin
FR, 1989

Currently living and working in Amsterdam, NL ☺

studio address:

Krux Amsterdam
Cruquiusweg 120 A
1019 AK Amsterdam

Caravel Wreck
Video, 1'.

Flapping Wings and Blinking Eyes
Video, 1:30'.


group show

at Fanfare
Da Costakade 150 Amsterdam

opening 24th 6-10pm
+ upstairs selected books by San Serriffe

Lounge 25th 1-6pm
talks by Elki Boerdam, Uta Eisenreich, Werker Magazine.
+ panel discussion with invited artists by fanfare


Publication from scans of original photograms, laser print, 19,5 × 24cm

All the images that compose ‘Hover’ are treated as tectonic plates emerging from depths. They form the atlas of an unforeseen landscape. A grid of photo-sensitive paper shifts to a fragmented map. The viewpoint is that of a satellite-bird hovering high, standing still in the air, observing the lands beneath, and seeing through the terrain and ocean. At times microscopic imagery and satellite scans simply look alike. This landscape eventually becomes the territory of the eyes.

Images appear as the sun blinds us. Wandering around the harbour, the horizon line slowly starts to spin when we forget to blink. I would like to know what figureheads stare out at from their boats. Making a photograph sometimes feels like catching an echo. Images arise on the surface of paper, yet they escape from the weight of their birth. Shadows of wrecks at the bottom of the sea turn into fish skeletons and satellites sometimes happen to glide in the ocean.

Glide was exhibited at the Graduation Show of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in July 2015.

Ex Voto was exhibited during Constant Companion, Rietveld in de Oude Kerk in March 2014.

In collaboration with Arthur Hamel.

The boat is build on a 1/1 scale. The sail is made out of an old curtain. The window which the curtain used to be drawn before, had been printed in the curtains fabric by the effect of the sun, in the manner of a photograph.

Ex Voto was hung from the seventeen meter high ceiling of the Oude Kerk (Old Church) of Amsterdam for an group exhibition; organised by the Rietveld Academie (Constant Companion, 2014).

Harbour Publication

Harbour Book was made in collaboration with the graphic designer Ozgur Karakan in an attempt to map all the data I accumulated during a few month of research on -harbours-.

One of the challenges of this publication was to leave it without borders – somehow unfinished-looking, to emphasise the unlimited nature of image association – in the intimate closed space of a book. Through the red thread the viewer can have a feeling of what may link them together.

Debut d'été 2011
Night to Miss you 2011
The Space Around 2013
Untitled (Hambourg) 2014
Voice 2014
Workshop d'Agata 2011
Walls 2014